All Saints Vestry
Roles and Responsibilities

Our Vestry, the church leadership board, is charged with the responsibility for the parish finances and buildings.  Vestry members are elected to three-year terms by the members of the Parish to represent their interests. 

The Senior Warden is the senior lay officer of the church and serves as a lay consultant and advisor to the Rector, working closely to handle any duties assigned by the Vestry.  The Senior Warden assists the Rector in addressing the issues and concerns of the Parish. 

The Junior Warden is responsible for the supervision and maintenance of all church property, other than financial instruments and cash, handling related duties as requested by the Vestry.  The Junior Warden also serves as the Chairperson for the Finance Commission and works closely with the Property Warden.  In addition to those duties, the Junior Warden concerns herself or himself with the interests of the people of the Parish, taking particular care to be aware of issues and concerns within the Parish.

The Property Warden assists the Junior Warden in supervision and maintenance of the real property of the Parish and serves as the Chairperson of the Property Commission for the Parish.  The Property Warden has the authority to execute Vestry-approved maintenance programs and contracts.

The Program Warden assists the mission leaders and members in planning and execution of the programs of the Parish that help substantively fulfill the Vision and Mission of the Parish.  She or he serves as the Chairperson of the Shared Vision Team, which meets quarterly.  With other members of the Shared Vision Team, the Program Warden develops plans to recommend to the Rector and Vestry which will further the Vision and Mission of the Parish. 

The Registrar records the minutes of all Vestry meetings and ensures that a copy of the meeting minutes is distributed to Vestry members in a timely member.  A copy of historical Vestry Minutes is maintained in the church office.

The Treasurer keeps the financial records of the church and has general custody of all church funds, securities and other investments.  The Treasurer handles all funds received by the church and makes all payments for church-related expenses.

The Vestry normally meets once a month in the Parish Hall, on the second Tuesday of the month.