Commissions and Committees
The standing committees of the Parish are the Shared Vision Team, the Finance Commission, the Property Commission, and the Planned Giving Board.  In addition to other specific responsibilities that may be prescribed by the Vestry:
  • The Shared Vision Team (SVT)under the leadership of the Program Warden – is comprised of leaders representing all facets of our shared mission, and works collaboratively with representatives of the various committees, small groups and other task forces in the creation and coordination of those programs that help to substantively fulfill the Vision and Mission of the Parish.  The SVT meets quarterly and conducts an annual mission review for the Vestry.
The standing committees of the Parish are all members of the SVT, as well as the Outreach Committee, the Worship Committee, the Formation Committee and the In-reach Committee.  The ECW is also a member of the SVT.
  • The Worship Committee assists the Rector in the planning and execution of Worship.
  • The Outreach Committee provides support and cohesion to those parish ministries that address outreach at All Saints, raises awareness of outreach opportunities and events, allocates the annual Outreach budget, facilitates the exploration and formation of new outreach ministries and reviews the effectiveness of our Outreach programs.
  • The In-reach Committee works with the Rector to address the pastoral – and to the extent possible – the material and physical needs of individuals in the parish.
  • The Formation Committee supports, plans and executes the various formal activities, including, but not limited to, Church school, adult education and small group activities.
  • The Finance Commission assists the Vestry in securing adequate annual income for the needs of the Parish, its staff and its programs, and assists the Treasurer in budgeting.
  • The Property Commission plans for the maintenance and building needs of the real property of the Parish, proposes such plans – to include funding requests – for Vestry approval, and assists the Property Warden in executing plans approved by the Vestry.
  • The Planned Giving Board (PGB) encourages planned giving to meet long range needs of the Parish and manages the planned giving funds of the Parish.