#OurCommonCalvertCounty began in early 2016 as a multi-generation group of county citizens with several goals in mind.  One of the initial goals was to develop leaders of all ages in our county.  At the same time, initial members of #OurCommon were extremely interested in tackling tough conversations about a broad range of hot-button issues (race, religion, diversity, sexuality, gender, gun violence, the environment and more) while developing relationships and trust.
Building a diverse group to work together, developing leaders takes committed, intentional involvement to reach out to groups who may not otherwise know about #OurCommonCalvert.  As this organization moves forward, we are developing a variety of ways to encourage others to join in the conversations that can unite us.  Leadership opportunities happen every month, as new meeting facilitators step up to develop and lead each session.

Over the last several months, #OurCommonCalvert members have considered the overall mission and vision for moving forward, a third goal has emerged.  As we engage in the difficult conversations, we realize that we have more in common than we may think and we can unify through organized action.

Over the course of the last year, #OurCommonCalvert has dealt with issues of poverty and economic justice, climate change, gender justice, religious tolerance and race. Youth and adult leaders have collaborated together to create a sacred space where some amazing growth is occurting.

We have travelled to inner city Baltimore together; visited mosques and broken fasts with our Muslim friends during Ramadan; we have explored the depths of our own racialization and inherent prejudices; and we have organized in the name of refugees and immigrants. Four of our young women – Brianna Workcuff, Nat Todd, Samirah Brown and Dia Brown - are going to be honored for their leadership by the Calvert County Commission for Women on March 11, 2017

All are welcome to participate!  Meetings are held monthly at the Harriet Brown Community Center in Prince Frederick.  More information including meeting dates and times, can be found at www.facebook.com/ourcommoncalvertcounty, on Twitter at @OurCommon_Cal and on Instagram at OurCommonCalvert.