These are some of the nice people you are likely to encounter at All Saints…

…along with a flattering photograph and a brief description of who they are and what they do.


The Rev. Ken Phelps, Jr. … is rector of All Saints parish.

Despite having served as Dean of Westminster, and being widely (albeit quietly) whispered as the favorite to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury, Fr. Phelps apparently is immune to worldly trappings. Forsaking the Throne of St. Augustine, Ken fled the environs of Lambeth Palace, electing instead to return to the simple pleasures of life as the rector of a small country parish. 

A native of Baltimore, Ken enjoys baseball, playing the guitar and plainchanting.



The Ven. Michelle Doran

… serves as deacon here at All Saints, and is also the Archdeacon of the Diocese of Maryland (which means she spends a lot of time in the company of the Bishop) When not doing that, she is the driving force behind Reading Camp, a summer program offered to enhance the reading skills of elementary school students. 


Deborah Watson 

… is the Music Director for All Saints.

Deborah has more artistic ability in her left pinkie than most of us have in our entire bodies.

In addition to directing the choir, Deb - an accomplished artist - is the keyboard player and manager for the All Saints House Band, which occasionally provides music at worship and for various events in the greater community.