Adult Education / Formation - Small Group Ministries
Small group ministries – according to many ‘experts’ are the future of the Church, or put another way, the hallmark of the emerging Church. (We are in a new Reformation, driven by technology and culture.) While the number of small groups that meet regularly is small, it is growing, and our short list here does not include the small group work of the Outreach breakfast team, the Christmas in April crew, the Men’s breakfast on the first Saturday… there is along list of small groups within the parish that bring life and build relationships and community.  These are to be celebrated and expanded.  If you have any ideas for small groups – or would like to form one around a specific ministry or interest – please see the Rector.
Under the leadership of Dr. Sherril Munn, this small group recently finished a study of the Book of Acts that led into a study of the letters of Paul.  Currently, the group is tackling Romans and chapter 6 of Cambridge Companion on Romans.Detailed information (where and when) can be found on the website calendar.
Our Bible study group has finished its reading of the non-canonical New Testament era writings (Gospels, letters, et al) and has moved into the New Testament, reading the books in the order they were written. We have also started a lecture series by Bart Ehrman entitled, How Jesus Became God. All are welcomed to join us in the upper lounge. 
At this time we have one circle composed of 8 members and we have no meetings.  When a prayer request is received, a prayer is said. Then, it is emailed to members.  Anyone who has a sincere desire to pray for the needs of others is invited to join.  Please contact Kathy Trimble.