Dedication CeremonyThe All Saints Labyrinth and Healing Gardens dedicated on November 5, 2006, in memory of Dorothy O.J. Ward, is open to all who wish to experience this ancient spiritual tool. Please consider this your invitation to visit our campus and spend some time in this journey of spiritual insight, healing and discovery.

All Saints Labyrinth Labyrinths date back to more than 4,000 years ago and have been used by nearly every religious tradition for meditating, relaxing and healing. Labyrinths offer one true path to a center, with an equal number of right and left turns. Walking a labyrinth can be a metaphor for one's journey through life. The labyrinth is surrounded by beautiful gardens incorporating a fountain, lighting, and key astronomical markers. The gardens have a variety of healing plants. In addition, we plan on including a memorial garden, a columbarium, and pet memorial garden. Labyrinth Workshop

You can walk a labyrinth alone while meditating on a single word, mantra or passage, while concentrating on a question that is troubling you, or simply just allowing your mind to focus on the movement of your body. You can walk a labyrinth with others and see an enactment of human life as others move closer and farther away during the journey, but eventually all arrive in the center. You can walk slowly or quickly. You can walk to honor an important event, such as a birth or a death. You can find in a labyrinth a place to put aside your troubles and anxieties, and find peace and relaxation.

Visit from St James Youth Many have come to walk the labyrinth, including cancer patients, area church youth groups, young families, and other area residents just needing a break from life. Many young children experience such joy and laughter as they run the labyrinth. They know instinctively what to do. The gift of having unencumbered time, like a child, is one of the many gifts that the Labyrinth offers. We invite all those interested to stop by and walk. Give yourself the gift of time, even if it is just 15 minutes. This labyrinth is a gift to the entire community of Calvert County, and all are invited to come and experience its calming effects. The labyrinth is open to the public and like the church is available at all times.

For more information: All Saints Labyrinth Brochure

Please feel free to pick a few flowers and/or herbs around the labyrinth.  It’s good for the plants and for you!  When cutting roses its best to cut them just above a 5-leaf cluster.