Thursday Morning Women's Bible Study Group

This Small Group Ministry got its start more than 4 years ago when a few women of the parish, mostly mothers of young children, got together to study the bible and to have an open dialog about daily life. It has grown and changed to include women of all ages, in many stages of life. The group meets every Thursday morning from 9:00am – Noon in the Parish Hall Library. We have anywhere from four to eight women in attendance. There is no real criteria for membership, however, a dedication to a few hours of weekly individual bible study and regular attendance are appreciated by group members.     
From September through May, we read several 6- to 10- week, women-oriented study books, usually the focus being the Books of the Bible. Occasionally we choose a God-based self-help book or study. (2008-2009 we studied The Interpretation Bible Study (IBS) Series’ “Esther and Ruth,” “Running Nowhere in Every Direction, Real Life Stuff for Women (on Stress)”, and IBS’ “Romans.”) In each study, we tend to find startling similarities to our modern-day lives, as well as stark differences, as you can imagine! In the summertime we usually choose a mission to dedicate our time and talents to, and/or we take “field trips” to keep in touch and have some fun!
Each week, we find ourselves becoming closer friends. We share personal stories, support each other emotionally, and at the same time enjoy great food while learning and growing in ways God intended for us. And we aspire to give back to the community and everyone we encounter that which He has taught us to do.   Please consider joining us.
Contact Maggie at or 410-610-7671 for more information.